Local brewers pick their favorite beers

Read on for some local beer picks from the brewers at Fulton Beer, 612 Brew and Harriet Brewing.

Fulton Beer recommends:

Fulton's The Libertine -- Our malt-forward red ale coming out next month

Surly Cynic -- probably our favorite Saison

Liftbridge Chestnut Hill (Especially if you can find it in a firkin)

612 Brew recommends (Along with their own beers "SIX", "Mary Ann" and "Zero Hour"):

Schell's Firebrick

Surly Bender

Harriet Brewing recommends some good local cold weather brews:

Surly Darkness

Barley John's Old 8 Porter

New Glarus Old English Porter (Or anything in their "Unplugged" series)*

*Technically, this is a Wisconsin beer, but we'll let it slide.

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