Local blogger invents Twin Cities Hotdish

Local blogger invents Twin Cities Hotdish

For hotdish that looks about a million times better than this, read on.

It's getting cold again, people. As we speak. Real cold.

The folks over at the local "A Good Appetite" blog make the prospect less condemning, cheerful even, by kindly offering up a recipe for a fantastic looking hotdish. You could make it this weekend in fact.

(Note that you can make your own cream of mushroom soup if you feel like flexing your muscles a bit.)

The blog says the idea sprang from a "Royal Foodie Joust" competition, an Iron Chef-like online cookoff featuring different ingredients every month. The joust is moderated by Leftover Queen, a great blog written by a freelance food writer based in Florida.

February's ingredients: mushroom, cauliflower and noodles.

Now, off to buy beer cheese and panko!

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