Local blogger gets guff for food photos


The folks over at Secrets of the City bring word of a local blogger who was recently accosted at a restaurant while trying to take a photo of his meal. He writes:

At this point I was approached by an employee, I can only assume she was the manager that day, who asked what I was taking pictures of. I thought I was pretty straight-forward with her explaining that I was taking a picture of my lunch. She asked, "Why?"

My response was that I'm an amateur photog that simply sees a nice image in front of them. To which she replied, "I'm not that gullible."

"I'm not that gullible." Now, what do you say to that!?!

The conversation ended with me offering to delete the images if she was uncomfortable but she said, "I want you to stay just stop taking pictures of our food." At this point it wasn't worth making any further issue but I had to think that the $20 I just paid for the food would rightfully make it mine and not theirs. I could have gotten it to go and photographed it to my delight without interruption anywhere else.

What's your experience, peeps? This is something I assume many people who have written or blogged about food have run into. True? Also, why do restaurants care? Aren't they proud of their food? Can't it stand on its own? Restaurateurs, care to weigh in on this?