Local ad agency adding food accounts to its roster

Local ad agency superstar Fallon seems to be shifting its focus, picking up several new accounts in recent months, all of them for food and drink. Just last week, the agency announced it will be creating ad materials promoting Nestle beverages.

Nestle's beverages currently include Nescafe coffee, a line of bottled waters and the "food drink" Nestle Milo.

Since January, the agency has also picked up business from Totino's, Boston Market and dog food makers Alpo.

Fallon is already the agency of record for some Purina (also a Nestle brand) pet food products and also does work for Budweiser, Cadbury and General Mills in the food and drinks department.

Here's to hoping they come up with something better than this incomprehensible and infuriatingly catchy Nestle chocolate ad from back in the day: