LKBGT at Loring Kitchen and Bar: This drink of the week stands up to its acronym

LKGBT Loring Kitchen and Bar $10

While we hope this craft cocktail bubble never bursts, with its ever-evolving line-up of new bitters and shrubs and obscure liqueurs, there's something to be said for reining in the impulse to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the shaker and hope for the best. Much like the food, the drink menu at Loring Kitchen and Bar skews toward the comfortable, but always with a subtle something special that makes you glad you came. Consider the LKBGT, at face value a humble gin and tonic with some happy hidden twists.

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The most sure-fire way to spin up a stellar G&T is to start with some standout gin; at Loring Kitchen, the spirit of choice is Illinois-based North Shore Distillery's No. 11, a traditional London Dry Gin infused with a hand-selected bouquet of juniper, other botanicals, and citrus peel.

Add to this a dash of herbal Chartreuse, tonic, and some hefty slices of fresh lime and orange (lime shortage, be damned), and you've got yourself a jazzed up mixed drink worthy to grace the pages of a cocktail list. Just complex enough to keep your attention but familiar enough to sip easily alongside a towering turkey club.

There are few drinks simpler and more perfect than a well made gin and tonic on a warm and breezy afternoon. With park-going weather just around the corner, you'll want to factor this one into your first picnic plan of the season. When it comes to the LKBGT, don't over think it, just drink it.

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