Little Mekong Night Market Needs Your Crowdfunding Help

Little Mekong Night Market

Little Mekong Night Market

Frogtown is one of the most vibrant Twin Cities neighborhoods that still remains mysterious to many of us. Little Mekong Night Market aims to change that.

Banh mi, face painters, artists, musicians, acrobats, ferments, ice cream, dancers, elote, bubble tea, henna, mushrooms, and much, much more; all at night, under the moon with 9,000 new and old friends -- the night market has to be one of the coolest cultural activities taking place in either city. This year, the organizers wish to expand the market, taking it from the sidewalk to the street, and up to double the number of vendors (from 50 to 100) and participants. And, it's right off the light rail line, so getting there will be half the fun and plus, no parking!

Sound expensive? It is: about $200,000 worth of expensive (double last year's budget). But they're not asking for that much -- they already have $148,000 thanks to foundation and corporation funds, so they're hoping to crowd fund $30,000 of that number. Here's how (and why) you can help:

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What the funds will be used for:

Staging, sound, and lighting for artists and performers Artist stipends, art activities, and art supplies Vendor workshops Volunteer appreciation Recycling and trash Tents, chairs, tables, and rest areas

What you'll get in return for your support (perks, swag!)

$500: 2014 Qhia Dab Neeg Festival photographs $75: One-of-a-kind handwritten poetry from 2014 Night Market attendees $50: Little Mekong Night Market tote bags $5: Personalized shout out on social media

The vid:

The 2015 market takes place on July 3 and 4, as well as August 7 and 8, from 6 p.m. to midnight along Western Avenue near the University Avenue intersection, as well as in Little Mekong Plaza.

Contribute here-- there are 26 days left in the campaign.

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