Lion's Tap sues McDonald's over "Who's Your Patty?" line

Lion's Tap sues McDonald's over "Who's Your Patty?" line

Lion's Tap is getting out the big guns. The Eden Prairie burger institution sued McDonald's in federal court Friday accusing the fast food giant of stealing its "Who's Your Patty?" tagline. The suit's language is priceless:

"So -- where's the beef between our local favorite 'David' (Lion's Tap) and the mighty global 'Goliath' (McDonald's)? In a move worthy of the Hamburglar or Captain Crook, McDonald's recently started utilizing Lion's Tap's 'WHO'S YOUR PATTY?' trademark in conjunction with McDonald's Angus Burgers. Lion's Tap is forced to 'Grimmace' and commence this lawsuit to protect its valuable 'WHO'S YOUR PATTY?' trademark."

The suit says Lion's Tap has been using "Who's Your Patty?" since 2005. It accuses McDonald's of trademark infringement, unfair competition, and deceptive trade practices, and seeks for the chain to "account" to it for all profits it makes from using the phrase and to destroy all ads and other materials with the slogan written on it.

Where's Mayor McCheese when we need him?

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