Like Bulldog N.E.? Try Woodbury's Tamarack Tap Room April 7

Bourbon, beer, and burgers are coming to Woodbury. Good ones!

Bourbon, beer, and burgers are coming to Woodbury. Good ones!

The relative food desert of Woodbury will get more flush in a couple of weeks with the opening of Tamarack Tap Room. All that stuff you used to have to drive for? Great burgers, beer, and bourbon? They've got it. Not only that, but Bulldog N.E. chef Kevin Kraus has been quietly consulting on the menu, with 15 specialty burgers and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Some more menu sneak peeks:

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You'll find all the things we've come to associate with good restaurants here: local purveyors, free-range beef, a Shea-designed space, a name chef consultant, and an insane beer list -- 70 on tap.

The Bulldog N.E. has long been known for its inventive take on the pub burger -- it could be argued that this place started the trend way back almost 10 years ago. It used to be, you went somewhere, you ordered a burger, and then you got back to your crossword puzzle. It wasn't really a thing for a burger to be sought after, like a complete chef-driven meal -- you weren't getting bacon and Wagyu blends and brie and truffle oil on your burgers, but now you are, and we make the case that you've got Bulldog N.E. to thank for that.

So consulting chef Kraus knows a thing or two about burgers, and at TTR we spotted the Ring of Fire, with jalapeno Jack, poblano and jalapeño peppers, and ghost pepper aioli; the Umami Burger with porcini mushroom, seared foie gras, truffle brie, and port wine reduction on brioche; and no burger list can be complete these days without something absolutely insane, so enter the "The Big 24": a 24-ounce triple decker with six slices of bacon, a triple serving each of American and Swiss cheeses, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, and special sauce on brioche. It will run you $23.95, and they've issued a 10-minute challenge. Finish it within the allotted time frame and get a gratis beer or a T-shirt. Maybe they realize your stomach won't be able to accommodate the beer.

You like burgers? Tamarack Tap Room has got 'em.

You like burgers? Tamarack Tap Room has got 'em.

The remainder of the menu is one of those bar-food wonders, the kind where you wonder: Is there anything they haven't thought of? All the tots, wings, loaded fries, flatbreads, and onion rings are there, and there's also a few salads and entrees for good measure. We also spotted chicken and waffles (is it the same recipe dreamed up at the Bulldog so many years ago?) a bologna sandwich, and lobster rolls. And adult shakes! The Dreamsicle has Aperol, fresh orange, and cointreau.

They'll be offering food and drink specials all through the week of April 7, and are inviting local beer reps to chat you up about what to drink. A selection of 30 to 40 name and "sought-after" bourbons rounds out this suburban experience.

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