Like Blue Apron? Try this fresh, local vegan meal in a box

These vegan Korean short ribs can be yours.

These vegan Korean short ribs can be yours. Local Crate

Meal box plans take the over-thinking and over-planning out of cooking. For some, these are exactly the boon they needed for getting dinner on the table hassle-free.

Linden Hills Farmers' Market

But then, there's also the farmer's market, which we love, even though it can put the over-thinking and over-planning right back into the process of getting food on the table. 

Local Crate and Linden Hills Farmer's Market to the rescue. They've come together to create a vegan crate highlighting farmers direct from the Linden Hills market.  And here's a bonus: This week's crate features vegan Korean short ribs by the Herbivorous Butcher. 

Go online to choose a farmer from Linden Hills market, then choose a recipe, and Local Crate will package it and make it available for a $30 price tag.

They'll include an appetizer, dinner, and dessert for two people. You must pre-order via Local Crate by Saturday, September 3 (that's tomorrow) and pick up at Linden Hills Farmers Market on Sunday, September 4 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

It's a one-time purchase and does not require signing up with Local Crate. While supplies last.