Lift Bridge's Pilsner Is a Fine Getaway Beer Year-Round

Take a break from the cold temperatures and that sidewalk ice that just won't chip away. Pull a lawn chair out of the garage, get a fire pit roaring, and think back to summer with Lift Bridge's year-round vacation, Getaway Pilsner.

The light yellow pilsner from Stillwater's elder brewery pours with a white foamy head that billows and collapses quickly, leaving a soft and light layer atop the classic European-style beer. Its aroma is grassy, with some pepper and yeast coming through as well, while the beer itself is crisp, clean, and flavorful with malt leading the way over the hops component. It's a pleasing beer to drink and the hops pull through with a crisp finish and not a tinge of bitterness.

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"Getaway is a unique pilsner in that we really stayed true to form with high quality ingredients, Czech hops that provide an assertive hop character up front with a straw sweet finish that lets you know this is an all-malt beer," says co-owner Brad Glynn. "It is unique in that it is simply delicious without having to go over the top with any ingredients or process. There is a reason Americans fell in love with lagers through the last half of the 20th century."

While many may deem the beer a summer affair, Lift Bridge is brewing it year-round and it's still drawing attention. Pair it with American and German food, Glynn suggests, including "spicy chicken wings, sausages, and hot dogs, or quality burgers."

Customers can get these pairings at home, or at some restaurants that serve Getaway, such as Blue Door Pub (St. Paul), Republic at 7 Corners, Grumpy's, and Lolo in Stillwater.

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