Liberty Frozen Custard to close on January 28


After six years of sweet business, Steve and Vicky Uhr are closing up their south Minneapolis gem, Liberty Frozen Custard at the end of the month. Steve told the Hot Dish that he and his wife were feeling a little burned out and were ready to move on to a new project, so they sold the Liberty building, a gleaming white, 1950s Standard Oil station.

Fortunately, there might be a silver lining to this sad, sad, news. Here's why:

Steve says they were hoping to sell to someone who would continue to operate the custard shop, but that didn't work out. The new owners will put in a restaurant of their own--"not a chain restaurant or anything" Steve clarifies--and, critically, at least in our book, will be keeping the custard machine. "It'll be an exciting change for the neighborhood," he says.

We certainly hope so, as Liberty would be a tough act for anyone to follow. To the new as-of-yet-unnamed owners: Please, please, pretty please, don't leave us without our favorite Turtle Sundae?

The shop will close January 28 and, in the meantime, is offering a special of four pints of frozen custard for $10. "We have a fair amount of product to go through," Steve says.

Get a lick of the Liberty Turtle Sundae while you can!
Get a lick of the Liberty Turtle Sundae while you can!
Bre McGee

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