Letter to the editor: "Write about what you know — child rearing is not it"

Engage with your community. Play peekaboo, dammit!

Engage with your community. Play peekaboo, dammit!

Isaac wrote us the attached letter in response to our piece on whether kids should be banned from restaurants. As anticipated, that story generated a lot of response, both for and against the hypothetical question of whether kids should be disallowed from dining out. 

Of course, our argument was never a straight-faced suggestion that kids shouldn't be allowed to eat out with their parents, but instead was a think piece in response to the news that a couple of restaurants around the world have done just that. 

Here's Isaac's letter: 

I don't know anything about "follow a dumb kid home." I know that everyone was once a child and it takes a community to raise one. I know people who "stare daggers...mutter...ignore" don't know how to engage a child and/or forgot they were once a child.

I know what it's like to "pay a premium" for my family of 5 to eat out. Why is it "your" space if you do too? Wherever I spend my money I appreciate a connected engaging community around me. I don't believe that human struggle is relative but if your struggle to eat an egg and cheese sandwich inspired that article you are 1st world struggling.

I know a society that creates spaces for their old, young, black and white to "stay out of the way" is confused about what's important. In the words of George Washington Carver, "How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young and compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong...because some day in life you will have been all of these."

I'm happy people can have a kid free space if they should need but also saddened by how confused we are in the U.S.A. regarding our "greatest resource...the future," aka children.

Your article seemed uninformed and misguided in regards to the average person trying to feed their children. I urge you to write about what you know. Child rearing is not it.