Letter of the Day: Solera's Reboot

Today's Letter of the Day comes in response to last week's blog post, Solera reopens: Ben Graves gives details on the new menu and decor:

Ben Graves was made to sound like an idiot in your piece on the Solera remodel. While the old Solera could be called many say that it was not a "chef driven" establishment is ridiculous. It was chef driven to a fault even! The number of cooks/chefs that have gone onto to become executive chefs and also open their own establishments is a very long and impressive list.

While I'm sure Mr Graves has proven he is a competent businessman, time will tell if he can play on the "big boy street" that is Hennepin Avenue.

P.S. The new awnings look very chain restaurant looking too!

Karen Scher

[[Ed's note: Not sure why Graves was "made" to sound like an idiot. Hot Dish simply reported the description of the changes that Graves himself used, including the term "chef-driven." Graves seems to have used the word to indicate a more frequently changing menu, with dishes inspired by seasonal ingredients, though, without clarification, it could certainly be read as suggesting that its former team, including Tim McKee and J.P. Samuelson, are not chefs.]]

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