Let's watch Jesse Ventura's bonkers 1984 Chicago Lake Liquors ad [VIDEO]

Jesse Ventura's Chicago Lake Liquors ad is like a time capsule. With yelling.

Jesse Ventura's Chicago Lake Liquors ad is like a time capsule. With yelling. Facebook

Six takeaways from this  fabulously retro Chicago Lake Liquors ad from 1984, now making the rounds courtesy of a post from a regional beer enthusiast Facebook page:

1.) Are those sunglasses? Or was it briefly fashionable to go around blinding yourself by placing comically oversized poker chips on your eyelids? 

2.) That is an empty keg. Obviously, right? Not even Jesse "The Body" Ventura was hulking enough to one-arm a keg against his ribs without so much as a heavy breath. Hmmm. Pretending something heavy and difficult is actually light and easy... a sign of things to come for Mr. Ventura? (See: Takeway No 5.)  

3.) R.I.P. Sears. Just kidding! Midtown Global Market makes for a much livelier (and tastier) neighbor than the former department store, which by now would surely be a dated relic akin to the Nicollet Avenue-dividing Kmart just down Lake Street.

4.) This is a good ad. Better, anyway, and less cringe-y than a more recent set of spots that featured honky customers trying to talk the way they thought Chicago Lake's customers sounded.

It's debatable, however, whether Jesse's delivery is better than that of "Mad Dog" Vachon... 

...and the prodution value is, one could argue, lesser than this later ad Jesse did for Miller Lite.

5.) You're looking at a future governor. Pretty far into the future, 15 years after this ad hit local airwaves, to be exact. Still! This maniac wearing exotic earrings and a paperboy's hat from the 18th century shouting at you about where "you turkeys" should get "the finest in domestic beer, as well as imported beer"... he ran the state! For four years! Results were... mixed.

6.) This is the only good thing you will find on Facebook this week. Having seen one harmlessly goofy thing on Mark Zuckerberg's voluntary identity theft and surveillance program, we encourage you to log off your account immediately. Spend the weekend looking for something equally stupid and fun. Share it with your friends on Monday. If that sounds like too much work, you could always just go to Chicago Lake and purchase supplies to get loaded in your backyard.