Let This Travail Chef Cook Your Super Cool Super Bowl Spread

Geoff Hausmann of Pork and Pickle wants your Super Bowl guests to worship you.

Geoff Hausmann of Pork and Pickle wants your Super Bowl guests to worship you.

It's strangely impossible to think of Travail chef and all-around super nice guy Geoff Hausmann without also thinking of his Star Wars tattoos. Maybe its because they're a visual reminder that he's the sort of guy who, when he thinks of something cool, he just does it, and somehow it all turns out all right, like emblazoning his body with every Star Wars character.

Slowly but surely break away from the Travail brand with pop-ups and other mystery projects? Might be scary, might be cool, but he did it, and you know? Cool.

And now, he's here to crank up the cool on your otherwise ordinary Super Bowl party.

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What are you planning to put on that buffet table for your buddies on Super Bowl Sunday? They rolled out of bed, shook off the cobwebs along with last night's hangover, and they're already all fired up about it all.

You going to serve them cocktail weenies in a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's? Not cool.

Hausmann doesn't want to "get in trouble," but he's not a Super Bowl fan, which is cool with us. Somebody's gotta cook.

Here's what he's got up his sleeve (besides Star Wars tattoos) for the mother of all football feasts:

Smoked ribs, fried chicken wings, mini chicken bacon burgers on pretzel buns, and crunchy, spicy chicharones. He's promising the whole deal will incite acts of worship.

And he tells us he probably won't be in the catering game for long, so take advantage now.

Four portions for $40 or eight for $80.

Cash only, and you'll need to pick up between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. at Travail (4124 W. Broadway Ave., Robbinsdale).

Place your order here.

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