Legendary cocktail savants Death & Co. announce their impending return to Constantine

Their reputation precedes them

Their reputation precedes them Instagram / Death & Co.

*Please read the following as if it were delivered by a lady-Paul Revere, riding through town on Lil Nas X’s horse, announcing the arrival of… hype*

The cocktails are coming! The cocktails are coming!

It’s just been announced that Death & Co. will return like zombies from the great beyond (read: Bigger Cities) to ravage us once more with their boozy genius. Like last year’s massively popular (read: so busy it was hard to get into) weekend-long residency, two kingpins from the cocktail world will return to Constantine for a short-lived stint behind the stick at the end of August. 

For those who were boxed out of last summer’s packed evenings -- which were so well attended that your author gave up before even getting a drink -- Death & Co.’s second coming may yet provide an opportunity for budding connoisseurs to sample concoctions poured by the hands of ‘gents who work for an establishment that, without exaggeration, largely built the foundation of the United States’ contemporary cocktail culture. 

Make no mistake, we aren’t doing shabbily for ourselves here in the Twin Cities. But there’s a reason these arrivals are heralded with such enthusiasm -- Death & Co. has won too many awards to count, including (but not limited to) America's Best Cocktail Bar and World's Best Cocktail Menu. 

Per City Pages’ coverage last year:

Born in 2007 and named after a Dashiell Hammett story, Death & Co. wasn’t the first bar to bring back classic drinks, but there are few that have had its massive influence. When it opened, the owners built a team of New York cocktail All-Stars who were given free rein to build a unique, expansive menu. It didn’t just push the classics, but did so with panache and an addictive inventiveness.

“Death & Co. has had an undeniable impact on the resurgence of classically inspired cocktails,” says Dan Oskey, founder and chief operator of Tattersall Distilling in Minneapolis. “Their book has been fundamental in improving cocktail culture across the globe, taking classic cocktails and expanding upon them while at the same time recomposing their essential components.”

The 2019 roster of spirit-savants include Sam Johnson, who bartends and teaches cocktail seminars from the East Village outpost, and Sam Penton, the Denver arm's lead bartender. Though Johnson and Penton haven’t yet solidified the nights’ special menu, they’re promising aptly morbid tunes tailored to fit the mutually gothic ambiance of Constantine and Death & Co. 

Our advice? Plan ahead. Constantine won’t be accepting RSVPs for these nights, and there’s no cover.

Get there early.


Death & Co. at Constantine
1115 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis
August 30 and 31, 6 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.