Le Town Talk Diner has been sold and will reopen as a new concept

Le Town Talk: No more French onion burgers.

Le Town Talk: No more French onion burgers.

When we checked in with Emilie Cellai late last summer, she was at Le Town Talk Diner, showcasing some of the truly decent French bistro cuisine she learned from her grandmother and mother while growing up in Marseille. Town Talk, the historic diner, originally opened in 1946, has changed hands many times.

Cellai told us that the jaunty little "Le" attached to the signage, and the notion that the menu was made up of French favorites, no matter how casual, made for a constant challenge. "People come in and when they see that it's French, sometimes they'll run," she said. 

Well, now it is she who is heading in another direction. She says she has another project in the works, which she can't talk about just yet, and the diner has been sold to Kacey White and Charles Stotts, who will run the business as a gastropub, and plan to re-open on July 1.

Town Talk Diner (no longer "Le") 

2707 E. Lake St., Minneapolis