Laurie Lindeen's culinary slump

Former Zuzu's Petals singer-turned-author Laurie Lindeen--her book about the band, Petal Pusher, is out in paperback--considers herself a culinary question mark. Disasters are more prevalent than delicacies, so Lindeen focuses on what she does best: eating out.

1. You say you have a lack of prowess in the kitchen. Can you describe a recent culinary disaster of yours?
I'm in a major culinary slump. My most recent disaster was trying to switch my family to turkey burgers without the prior knowledge that I had to dress them up like meatloaf in order for them to be palatable. Because everyone is suddenly a foodie, I've buried my spatula in oppositional defiance (a posture that has never worked out for me).

2. On the flip side, what are you good at making--i.e., what's your signature dish?
I'm very good at cooking breakfast items, having worked at Al's Breakfast for a decade. I can cook an egg that would please even the pickiest egg orderer (and believe me, when
it comes to eggs, people are crazy particular). Soups, sauces, and salads are my other strong suits, though my son doesn't like any of my soups except for the broth of my chicken noodle (that added can of coconut milk really makes it yummy).

3. Have you passed along your culinary handicap to your son, or is he more capable in the kitchen?
My son has a friend who rolls out dough for his own homemade cinnamon rolls. My son likes to crack eggs and make Jell-O.

4. You've been in the Twin Cities since the mid-'80s. What's been your favorite place to dine out?
When I was in a traveling band I used to fantasize about cooking stuff in my own kitchen.
Now I fantasize about eating out every night. I have countless favorites; I love Convention Grill, Zumbro, Murray's, La Belle Vie, Al's Breakfast, Cafe Maude, Salut, D'Amico, Broder's, the mac and cheese at King's...I could go on and on...

5. You're a major Twins fan. What concession are you most excited to sample at the new Target Field this spring?
At the new Twins ballpark I look forward to Murray's steak sandwiches, though a brat with kraut and a Summit have always suited me fine! ( I sound like Ms. Meat don't I?)

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