Last City Brewing Company coming to St. Paul

Minneapolis has been getting all the brewery love...until now.

Yes, St. Paul is indeed home to the grandaddy of local breweries, Summit, and they got a spunky little brewery brother when Flat Earth came on the scene in 2007, but with Fulton, Harriet Brewing, and Boom Island all opening more recently, Minneapolis has been increasingly more prominent in the beer community. Darcie DeFoe and her husband, Chad White, now the kitchen manager at Cosetta's, would like to balance the scales by committing to opening a brewery in St.Paul called Last City.

Now that they are set on a general location, the big question is, when will they open?
As with any project in its infancy, the timeline is pretty vague. The couple and their business partner, Steve Jacobs, an experienced home brewer, will need to secure financing and sort out permits and legalities before the project really gets underway, but their hope is to open in the summer of 2013.

The name Last City Brewing is a historical reference to St. Paul. In the late 1850s, St. Paul served as a gateway for travelers who were planning to settle in the Dakota Territory and was the last point of access where people could unload their boats, earning the city title of "The Last City of the East."

For updates on their progress, you can

follow Last City Brewing on Twitter.

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