Landon "Col. Mustard" Schoenfeld out at Tosca

Landon "Col. Mustard" Schoenfeld out at Tosca


He hasn't been in the position even three months, but according to Shefzilla, Landon Schoenfeld is out at Tosca. "Out" is apparently the most delicate and best way to phrase these things, but every time I hear it it's in Heidi Klum's voice. "You ah OWWT."

Schoenfeld is apparently leaving the Linden Hills restaurant as a result of "professional differences," Shefzilla says. A commenter on the blog who appears to be Cafe Levain's Chef Adam Vickerman says he'll be taking over for Schoenfeld at the Linden Hills restaurant.

The young chef was earned the Clue-inspired "Col. Mustard" nickname as a result of an overplayed incident involving mustard while he was working at Bulldog NE.

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