Lake Wobegon Caramel Roll Ride Saturday embraces the fat and fit


Strap on your biking shoes and get ready to be fat and fit at the same time this Saturday. It's the Minnesota way! The Caramel Roll Ride along Minnesota's Lake Wobegon bike trail embraces the best Minnesota values: Eat horribly and work it off.

For $25 (and $15 for children) you can take a nice leisurely ride along the Lake Wobegon trail. When you've had enough of that "being healthy" thing, you'll happen upon one of the pit stops along the way for a caramel roll to bring you back to your deliciously unhealthy habits.

The 11th annual ride supports the Lake Wobegon Trails Association's work enhancing the trail for users.

The ride starts in Albany at 400 Railroad Avenue. You can go three different directions: west to Freeport or Melrose, north to Holdingford, Bowlus or the Mississippi River or east to Avon, Collegeville or St. Joseph. No word on which one provides the most pit stops.

Check in between 8-10 a.m. For more information, check out the Lake Wobegon site and register here. Now if I only we could find our Segways for the event so we didn't have to bike for the snacks...