Lake Street McDonald's is in trouble for underpaying employees


McDonald's employee Steven Suffridge speaks during a 2015 day of action at the chain's East Lake Street location Leila Navidi, Star Tribune

The first in a series of citywide wage increases went into effect in January, as Minneapolis moves toward a universal $15 minimum wage.

But it didn't go into effect at the McDonald's at 210 E. Lake St. in Minneapolis—at least, not right away. 

The Strib has the details on the burger joint's bungle: Apparently, the underpaying oversight went on for about two months after the mandatory $10 minimum wage kicked in. Fifty-one employees were impacted, and the losses totaled $2,078. 

It was an "inadvertent error," an honest mistake, franchise owner Connie Williams told Strib (via a Mickey D's spokesperson). But employees like janitor Steven Suffridge—pictured above during a 2015 day of action at the Lake Street location—say they're still waiting on owed back wages.

“They’re stealing from our pockets and I would like to see that fixed,” Suffridge told the Star Tribune, adding, “I just would like justice to be had." It's why six of the franchise's employees have filed complaints with the city, resulting in a Department of Civil Rights investigation.

The spokesperson for the chain, on the other hand, says Williams has paid out what employees were owed and is looking into the matter.

In any case, mark your calendar, Connie: The next citywide wage increase is July 1, when large businesses (those with more than 100 employees) will have to start shelling out $11.25 an hour.

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