Lagunitas and Great Waters events begin and end this week in food (and beer)

We're feeling good about the variety of events on offer at the end of March: beer dinners and $1.50 pints blend well with detox classes and a documentary on America's young farmers. Dip your toe into the mix this week in food.

3/26 Make Monday suck less by attending the Lagunitas Beer Dinner at Barrio in Edina. From 6 to 9 p.m. guests will enjoy five special beers from northern California in addition to four courses of food to help them go down. All it sets you back is $55, so call 952.920.1860 to reserve your place.

3/27 Get some learning in by viewing a screening of the documentary The Greenhorns, a 50-minute film that explores the lives of America's young farming community. The film aims to recruit, support, and promote young farmers and enact agricultural reform in the U.S. The film will be followed by a panel discussion on current urban farming practices. This free event takes place at the Casket Cinema inside the Casket Arts Building, 681 17th Avenue NE, Studio #145. Doors are at 7 p.m. and food and beverage will be available.

3/28 Looking for a new spin on the potluck? Hit up Intermedia Arts and its unique Open Kitchen, whose theme this time around is "Where's the sweetness?" Bring food, eat other people's food, meet new people, and join artist-in-residence Robert Farid Karimi for a unique twist on community potluck. The best part: There's a dessert contest that will have your sweet tooth spinning. Check it out at 7 p.m., all for free.

3/31 If you've been filling your body with nothing but crap despite your New Year's resolution, then Mississippi Market can help. On Saturday it's offering Detoxifying the Body: Eastern & Western Approaches from 2 to 4 p.m. Come join Dr. Virginia Kampmeier and Paul Magee for a discussion on the principles of detoxifying the body. Students will explore detox from both a modern medical and a traditional Chinese medical perspective and compare where these two approaches differ and where they agree. Members pay just $5, while nonmembers get in for $8. To register visit their website here.

No foolin': Great Waters turns 15 on April 1.
No foolin': Great Waters turns 15 on April 1.

4/1 Great Waters Brewing is turning 15 this week, and it's kicking things off with a release of one final keg of ginger spiced Yuletide Ale. All you'll need to nab some is pocket change, since they'll be charging just $1.50 per pint starting at 5 p.m. Events will be taking place all week to celebrate the big milestone, so be sure to visit its website to partake in each and every one.

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