Lady Gaga lawsuit over Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream

New news on the London scoop shop Icecreamist's recent introduction of breast milk ice cream called Baby Gaga: Lady Gaga is not exactly going gaga over it.

The ice cream, which is made from milk from lactating women, vanilla, and lemon zest, was being served by waitresses who paid homage to Lady Gaga with their flamboyant costumes. At £14 a serving, it still sold out lightning fast.

According to papers seen by AFP, Gaga's lawyers sent a cease and desist to Icecreamists, giving them until 1600 GMT Wednesday to change the name and discontinue associating the ice cream with Lady Gaga, lest the lawyers move forward on a case of trademark infringement.

Mock Gagas serve the ice cream wearing outlandish costumes.
Mock Gagas serve the ice cream wearing outlandish costumes.
Impact Lab

The flavor isn't actually on the Icecreamist menu right now, after the Westminster City Council seized the ice cream for health and safety checks. The milk is screened, the manufacturers say, but over concerns about the milk containing viral infections, they voluntarily agreed to discontinue sale until the test results had returned.

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