Kopplin's teams up with the Lynn on Bryant

Kopplins famed hot chocolate, coming soon to Minneapolis
Kopplins famed hot chocolate, coming soon to Minneapolis
A.J. Olmscheid

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Last week we announced that a new restaurant, the Lynn on Bryant, will be opening in October on the corner of 50th and Bryant. The owners plan to serve a casual lunch and elegant dinner, and to function as a full-service coffee bar in the mornings, serving espresso drinks, pastries, and classic breakfast fare. This week, there's more good buzz building about the Lynn: Andrew Kopplin, of Kopplin's Coffee, will be designing the coffee program, reports Mpls/St. Paul magazine.

Kopplin's is known for its super-premium coffee as well as for its "have it our way" philosophy. But its self-imposed high standards continue to pay off, and its street cred among coffee snobs is on the rise since it started roasting its own espresso. 

Kopplin also designed the coffee program for Wise Acre Eatery but notes that his consulting services are offered very rarely, as he prefers to work with people who will adhere fully to his concepts.

Though Kopplin will remain focused on the flagship store on Marshall, it's nice to see his coffee on the other side of the river. I think Lynnhurst residents will especially appreciate Kopplin's presence come winter. Say what you will about the service, but Kopplin's does make the best hot chocolate.
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Kopplin's Coffee

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