Kopplins reopens in new location

St. Paul's premier gourmet coffee house has moved. After six years at its Hamline location, it has packed up the carafes and set up shop along Marshall Avenue in Merriam Park on what's fast becoming a super-sweet block, also housing Izzy's ice cream and Sweets Bakeshop.

We stopped by to peek inside and see what's changed and what remains the same.

What was once a run-down coffeehouse space ringed by old cigarette smoke stains has entirely transformed.  The shop has been completely revitalized and is, most notably, spacious.  Anyone who ever tried to shuffle through the compact former home will relish the wide-open feel of the new incarnation

Oil paintings dot the cream and pea-green walls.  Sun streams in the foggy windows, reflecting off the gleaming birch-colored floors.  Two bar areas are stocked with stools, with tables in the back.

The record player spins vinyl classics like Cat Stevens and Roy Orbison.  

The quality of the coffee remains the same--nothing but the best, plus farm-fresh, creamy milk and maple syrup for the lattes and dark Rogue chocolate for the mochas.  Each cup is crafted by Andrew Kopplin and his staff of artisans.  The way they brew some cups has changed, though.  With all the extra space they can now brew individual servings.

Kopplin's Coffee
2038 Marshall Ave., St Paul
651.698.0457; Kopplins website

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