Kitchenwarez: Poachpods


Unless you're a fan of homemade Eggs Benedict, poached eggs may not be a big part of your kitchen routine. The ins and outs of Hollandaise aside, Eggs Benedict are somewhat fussy breakfast option that can bring a load of class to Easter or New Year's brunches, or that romantic morning-after detox session with a newly made acquaintance.

Although the sauce is the linchpin, the eggs aren't exactly a slam dunk. Poached eggs can go wrong in a number of ways; if the water is at too hard a boil and/or you put the eggs in too quickly, you get a veritable jellyfish of cooked egg white that becomes a drippy mess when you finally haul it ashore with a slotted spoon.

At $10.99 for a set of two at Kitchen Window, the Poachpod offers a relatively ingenious way to make foolproof poached eggs. Each Poachpod is a little silicone bucket that floats partially submerged on the water, cradling an egg. The silicone is thin enough to let heat through to cook the egg, but it slows down the cooking time; poached eggs take about 5 minutes, as opposed to under 2 by the conventional method.

The up side is a less damp, evenly formed, always elegant egg. Cleanup is reduced from an egg-coated pot and slotted spoon to simply a little, easily scrubbed silicone pocket.

Not only do these things make Eggs Benedict easier to execute, they put poached eggs — which are swell on top of toast, for starters — into your regular morning rotation. Is that worth $11? That all depends on your lifestyle, actual and/or desired.