Kitchen in the Market gets cooking in new space

Molly Herrmann & Tracy Morgan toast their Kitchen in the Market
Molly Herrmann & Tracy Morgan toast their Kitchen in the Market

In a corner of Midtown Global Market the new kitchen space glints stainless steel with cherry red accents. The recently expanded and upgraded Kitchen in the Market boasts enough space for six entrepreneurs to be working simultaneously in their commercially licensed space. It also has an area for cooking demos, classes, and retail shelf space.

"The space is designed to be open.  It's part of the philosophy for Kitchen in the Market," says Molly Herrmann of  Tastebud catering, who developed Kitchen with Tracy Morgan of Segnavia Creative consulting, with help from the Homegrown Minneapolis project.

Last night the space opened to the public, and we were invited to take a tour.


Pam Knutson of Birdsong Soups dished up sweet, creamy corn chowder and robust tomato soup as deeply comforting as an evening in front of grandma's fireplace.  "I was surprised by how affordable the [kitchen rental] rates are here," she said. An accomplished cook who was trained in London and used to create soups at the now-defunct Cafe Brenda, Knutson has branched out on her own, stewing up her delicious vegetarian dishes and delivering them around the metro area.

Elsewhere on the tour we sampled a luscious organic egg salad topped with a just-heated-enough sweet dollop of habenero jelly. Meringues like softly lobbed snowballs speckled with dark chocolate shards wrapped in a crimson cherry kiss. Tender coins of seawater sweetened scallops atop a ruby grapefruit tart mingled with the light anise crunch of fennel salad.  Glasses of champagne with fizzing sugar cubes were spiked with exotic vanilla-spiced bitters. Even glasses of water were dressed up with evergreen-scented rosemary sprigs. 

Each business represented a lovingly cultivated culinary dream as unique as the individual behind the apron. Kitchen in the Market has space for more cooks. Join them this weekend for more events. Find Kitchen in the Market on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

Scallops in the market
Scallops in the market
Andy Lien

KITCHEN IN THE MARKET In Midtown Global Market 920 E. Lake St., #107, Minneapolis 612 568 5486; Kitchen in the Market website

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