Kitchen couture: onion goggles


I've always thought one's home kitchen was one of the last bastions safe from fashion, where it was perfectly acceptable to pad around in a pair of dog-chewed slippers, a threadbare t-shirt, and a baggy pair of sweats. No longer, says the New York Times, as it recommends these chic onion goggles.

At least they're only $19.95 and come from what is perhaps the least likely source of couture eyeware: a flour company's catalog.

While buying a pair of lenses specifically for chopping onions seems a bit unnecessary, eye protection, such as a pair of swim goggles, certainly does help. In my college co-op, some  alum's old pair of ski goggles got plenty of use while we chopped onions for 50.

In "On Food and Cooking," Harold McGee recommends chilling onions in ice water for 30 minutes and using a sharp knife to reduce the amount of chemicals released into the air (and into your eyes). Anybody have other tips for reducing onion-induced tears?