Kings Wine Bar has a new executive chef

Just seven months after opening in South Minneapolis, Kings Wine Bar is shaking up its staff, with Ben Skinner moving in to replace the recently departed Pete Maccaroni as the restaurant and wine bar's new executive chef. Skinner has been at the restaurant as Maccaroni's sous chef since day 1, so the move up was a natural one. He says he plans to carry on Maccaroni's style, which emphasizes classic French and Italian techniques and features predominantly small plates, but will roll out an updated menu in coming weeks.

Maccaroni reportedly left Kings to work--interestingly? surprisingly?--as lead chocolatier for B.T. McElrath. Chris Barton has replaced Skinner as the restaurant's sous chef. Stay tuned for a Q&A with Skinner about his Wisconsin roots, working at a diner on the Mississippi, and his favorite kitchen tool, as well as more information about the restaurant's new menu.

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