King and I Thai now open in Mendota Heights


They're baaaack! Albiet in a new, suburban strip mall location.

Minneapolis' most beloved Thai restaurant/ cocktail bar/ D.J. haunt is back— but now it's just a restaurant. 

When they shuttered in 2012, we cried. When they announced they'd reopen late last year, we rejoiced! But Medota Heights? City dwellers cried a collective "WTF?!" While Mendota Heights dwellers rejoiced!

Well, the new day has come. Home of the skyscraper-high tangle of Pad Thai has returned, but don't think you're gonna get a neon blue rum punch the size of a fishbowl along side it. Only beer and wine served here. 

But the most important detail remains in tact: Gary and Pu Haanpaa, original owner and chef, are still running the show. According to the Mpls./ St. Paul Business Journal, their son Leonard DeMuth said the choice of new location was in some part due to the proximity to his parent's home, who are getting up in age. 

And hey, Minneapolis— don't swallow your rejoicing voice just yet. DeMuth added this hopeful nugget for us to put into our pipes and smoke: "If things go well here, we could return [to Minneapolis]. I would never rule it out."

760 Highway 110, Mendota


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