Kickstarter campaign wants to put positive immigrant stories in front of conservatives

Photo courtesy of Perennial Plate Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Perennial Plate Facebook Page

You might know Perennial Plate as the series of excellent short films highlighting sustainable food around the world.

Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine are two filmmakers who have dedicated their life's work to socially responsible and adventurous eating. They've made over 160 films in the past seven years, which have been watched tens of millions of times.

But then, as they state in their new Kickstarter campaign video, the election happened. [Cut to fiery footage of Godzilla destroying everything in his wake.]

Klein and Fine asked themselves how they could make a positive impact on an increasingly divided nation. They decided to focus on telling positive stories of immigrants, to make short films that illustrate the obvious: Aside from Native Americans, we're all immigrants in this country. 

But how to avoid tossing information into the “echo chamber” (hello, Facebook rants)? How to get these videos to people who might not already appreciate the message? 

Klein and Fine did some digging and found that yes, Facebook can be a useful way to target viewers. Facebook advertising can pinpoint who sees a particular post, down to the town and political candidate affiliation.

If they reach their $50,000 funding goal, Klein and Fine will spend fully half of that money on Facebook advertising, slipping their videos into the Facebook feeds of politically conservative users.

They plan to make five short films, focusing on immigrant families at their home tables. They plan to profile newer immigrants and refugees like Somali and Latino families, but also older European ones to highlight our commonalities.

Eventually, the films will be made into a longer feature, which will be screened at film festivals.

On board? Contribute to the campaign here. They are already past $36,000 of their goal, so they’ve got a real shot at making this happen.

The campaign ends on April 27.