Kickstarter campaign wants taprooms and cocktail rooms to exist together


Why not a beer and a bump? Thinkstock

So you say you want a cocktail and a beer, all in the same place?

Well, you can’t have it. At least not if you are planning to go to a brewery/distillery and get your drink on.

Current Minnesota law says that a Brewer's Taproom and a Distiller's Cocktail room shall not coexist under the same ownership and same location. (MN Statute 340A.22 Subd. 2(e). "No single entity may hold both a cocktail room and taproom license, and a cocktail room and taproom may not be co-located.")

It seems kinda dumb, like not letting us buy a goddamn bottle of wine on Sunday. What if your buddy doesn’t drink beer but would still like to accompany you to a brewery? Well, too bad. She can sit there sober. Like I said: dumb.

Bent Brewstillery is one of only 20 brewery/distilleries in the country and the only one to operate in Minnesota. But because they are both a brewery and a distillery, they can't serve you a cocktail like other distilleries in the Twin Cities, which gained the right to do so last year. 

In an effort to flush some of the archaic stupidity out of these blue laws, Bent Brewstillery has launched a Kickstarter campaign. They want to hire a lobbyist to change state law and allow taprooms and cocktail rooms to exist together.


Bent Brewstillery wants to serve you ALL THE THINGS. But they can't. Not yet. Photo courtesy of Bentbrewstillery Facebook Page

According to Bent, powerful liquor lobbyists fight to keep such laws unchanged. The power of the drinking public must rise up and crush the archaic blue laws with our drinking fist, clenched around a beer in one hand and a spirit in the other!

Won’t we? Well, maybe with the help of a lobbyist. Click here to support the campaign, and check out their campaign video, which explains their plight in full living color. 

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