Kellogg's gets flack over Phelps

While Kellogg's own website is mum about dropping Michael Phelps like a hot potato last week over the Olympic He-Man's now infamous bong hit, the rest of the world, online and off, is all-out roaring about it.

The company now faces a boycott over its decision, and the situation has pushed U.S. drug laws back to center stage, with everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post to the usual drug advocacy group suspects getting in on the action.

Subway, which Phelps also has an endorsement contract with, has ducked the fray by keeping Phelps on its roster.

Perhaps Kellogg's is sticking to the rigid moral guns of its founders, brothers John Harvey and William Kellogg. John Harvey Kellogg was notoriously against smoking.

(Incidentally, he was also obsessed with bowel movements and apparently vehemently against sex, never even sealing the deal with his own wife.)

He was also, however, an "early advocate" of exercise, so who knows really.

Bob McCoy, former local curator of the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, has the dirt on John Harvey Kellogg's bizarre proclivities.