Kaskaid announces name-the-restaurant contest winner; Spyhouse adds third location

A new concept from Kaskaid coming to Uptown this spring
A new concept from Kaskaid coming to Uptown this spring

Last month we reported that Kaskaid Hospitality Group, the company that owns Crave, Figlio 2.0, and Union, purchased the former Old Chicago in Uptown, and subsequently decided to crowd source a name for the new restaurant they plan to build there. After weeks of accepting submissions, they eventually narrowed it down to three options: Henn Haus (the storefront is on Hennepin Avenue, the similar but less Germanic-sounding Hen House, and finally Boneyard, the etymology of which is, frankly, lost on me. 

Guesses as to which option won over the Kaskaid high court?

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The company announced that they'll be opening a bar and restaurant called Boneyard, serving Southern-inspired comfort food, sometime this spring. So that's settled. 

Across town everyone's favorite stylish coffee shop, Spyhouse, will be adding a third location, this time in a Northeast warehouse close to the building that houses 612Brew near Broadway and Central Avenue. If all the building and planning goes smoothly they should be roasting, brewing, frothing, and serving by sometime next month, reports MSP Mag.
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Old Chicago - Closed

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