Just 10 months in, Lyn-Lake's lovely Meyvn is closing

Not all is lost: You'll still be able to get these bagels.

Not all is lost: You'll still be able to get these bagels. Alma Guzman

Bad news, bagel lovers: Less than a year after landing on the corner of Lake and Bryant in Minneapolis, Meyvn is closing.

"We wish it could last forever," a Friday morning Instagram post from the restaurant reads. "Unfortunately, our last service is Sunday the 21st."

The critically acclaimed neighborhood spot from Saint Dinette/Mucci's Italian crew (Tim Niver, Adam Eaton, Laurel Elm) opened last June, with all kinds of delightful offerings besides the bagels. We loved the way-above-average Bloody, the on-tap rosé, the cheeseburger -- oh, god, we already miss the cheeseburger. Nor will we soon forget the pierogi.

Plus, the place was humming right along the last time we stopped in for breakfast, so you could say we're both "blindsided" and perhaps even "devastated." 

(Hyperbole? Perhaps. But show us another Jewish-style deli in the neighborhood with a pastrami sammy this good.)

There is one carb-laden silver lining, and that's this: According to the Instagram post, Meyvn will keep cranking out its wood-fired rings of heaven for Kowalski's. And they "have exciting new things coming as well.

"So come on over to grab some bagels and celebrate with us," the bagel wizards conclude. "Let's make it one for the books. Because we [heart emoji] you."