Jonathon Kehoe wins $1 million in McDonald's Monopoly

One man's McRib earned him a cool milion.

One man's McRib earned him a cool milion.

News flash regarding McDonald's Monopoly sweepstakes: Apparently people actually win real cash from the simple act of peeling back the tabs on a 10 piece McNugget or McCafe beverage.

An unemployed Wisconsin man, Jonathon Kehoe, won a million bucks after purchasing a McRib value meal at a McDonald's in West Allis, Wisconsin last October. A tab on Kehoe's soda revealed the $1 million Park Place/Boardwalk combo, which certainly boosted his spirits after a year of unemployment, just before his benefits were set to expire.

But don't race off to get that McRib just yet--the 2010 contest expired on November 15. At least the recent rounds of the McNopoly sweepstakes have given the game a better name after the 2000 promotion was halted when the third-party company hired to administer the game was discovered engaging in fraud. (The chief of security passing the best pieces to associates who redeemed almost all of the top prizes, worth more than $24 million.)