Jon Stewart loves Minneapolis vegan pioneers Herbivorous Butcher

Jon Stewart left The Daily Show about eight months ago. Since then, he's used his free time for a few different things: dropping in on the WWE to get slammed to the mat by John Cena, for example, and working on a new series of shows for HBO.

And, as we learned this morning, writing fan letters to food shops he likes. In this case, Stewart sent a letter of appreciation to Herbivorous Butcher, the new northeast Minneapolis purveyors of vegan "meats" and "cheeses."

Apparently, the store challenged Stewart to go vegan for a whole month. Stewart replied with a couple shots of him wolfing down its vegan cheese, adding a note that he and his wife eat that way, anyway — and that it's a lot more enjoyable when Herbivorous Butcher is responsible for the food.

We reached out to Jon Stewart to ask him to participate in a 30 day vegan challenge. He responded that living with his...

The store offers animal-free pepperoni and pulled pork, and, just today introduced its first attempt at Korean-inspired "Seoul Dog" hot dogs.

Judging by the line-out-the-door wait when it opened in January, Herbivorous Butcher was an instant hit with the urban locals of the Twin Cities. Now we know it's caught on with liberal elites in New York.

Quick! Someone catch Bill O'Reilly before he faints mid-rant; please have a BLT and a shot of mayonnaise ready to revive him when he comes to.

The rest of you hippies can continue eating guilt-free, secure in the knowledge that your favorite fake newsman is also enjoying your favorite fake meat.