Jon Oulman of the 331 and Como Dockside New Owner of the Modern Cafe

The Modern marquee, one of the most recognizable Nordeast lynchpins, is no more

The Modern marquee, one of the most recognizable Nordeast lynchpins, is no more

He's been referring to it as "337." As in, a sister to the 331, Jon Oulman's beloved longtime bar on the same northeast Minneapolis block where the Modern Cafe stood for almost 20 years.

Aside from that, details are scarce, but Oulman and two partners are adding 337 to their growing repertoire of establishments, each with its own unique vibe and energy.

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The 331 was first, what he calls a "scratch and dent" Northeast watering hole with free live music all the time, and then came Amsterdam, sort of a St. Paul cabaret showcasing everything from burlesque to DJs to hip-hop, along with an homage to Dutch-style eating and drinking (but no smoking, just yet).

Then, Como Dockside, which is keeping the group mighty busy, think of it as Como Lake's answer to Sea Salt at Minnehaha Park, but with BBQ and entertainment instead of seafood. Oulmann told me that Dockside is their current focus, so planning for the 337 is on the back burner, but hopefully he'll have more news about concept and opening dates within a couple of weeks.

He did tell the Pioneer Press that it will likely be an "Americana" place that includes a takeout element, and that the former owners, Jim and Patty Grell, wanted to retire the Modern name, menu, and logo, so no, the place will definitely not be a Modern 2.0.

We will continue to follow the story.

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