Jon Moe's #candyclub debates the Cadbury Egg

Tuesdays at noon central time @jonmoe kicks off Candy Club. Each week, Moe selects a candy, then he and his followers eat theirs simultaneously and twitter mayhem ensues under the hashtag #candyclub. Here's one description of the club:

srah RT @examorata: @rosannecash It's like a book club, only with less reading & more diabetes jokes! And a lot of nostalgia. Lots of fun! #candyclub

Here's Moe's kickoff of yesterday's Candy Club:

#candyclub is go! I am about to bite my first ever Creme Egg. I'm scared.

And here's a sampling of the hundreds of #candyclub tweets--about the grossness, the sugar highs, the recipes, the orange vs. caramel eggs--that it inspired:

davidlidsky RT @caissie Freeze CEs. Make pancake batter, dip frozen CEs in it & deep fry 'til golden. Cool. Dust w/pulverized aspirin. #candyclub

coggs @johnmoe The "egg shells" can be eaten on the side or shaved as a topping #candyclub

coggs @johnmoe Also, today's Creme Eggs are SO MUCH SMALLER than the ones I had in childhood. A disappointment #candyclub.

ALH009 Found a recipe for muffins with a creme egg in the middle. Highly suspicious, perhaps a terrorist plot to sugar coma us all. #candyclub about 22 hours ago from web

BuckyUnderbelly I find the caramel eggs to be less objectionable. But, please note that "better than bad" does not equal "good." #CandyClub

kriskerzman My teeth hurt just thinking about any Cadbury product. #candyclub about 22 hours ago from HootSuite

annakipps @examorata I found the orange eggs at Target. They are worth trying! #candyclub

heliumcell Creme Eggs are disgusting. I would like them more if they had tiny chocoate bunny fetuses inside. #candyclub

pjwaldron Cadbury Creme Egg is the Sandra Dee of candies. Perky little package piques your interest, but the super-sweetness quickly cloys. #candyclub

batshelter #candyclub Creme Egg recipe: bury creme egg near grave of Thomas Jefferson, await orders from risen corpse. #candyclub

ateandsoon Anybody try making a Cadbury Creme Egg Creme yet? Crack one of those sickness-nodules into a tall fountain glass of seltzer? #candyclub

caissie In Westport, CT you can buy Creme Eggs by the truckload for .05 or .10 the day after Easter if you like that kinda weird shit. #candyclub

MikeRylander .@johnmoe I almost missed #candyclub !! Sorry I'm late. I had a Denver Creme Egg omelette for breakfast & was legally dead for 4 hours.

_ykv #candyclub Fav. CC memory: 2yo daughter tried to sneak one. Found her under the table, eyes wide, trying to hold entire egg in her mouth

TheDoifter Creme Eggs-in-a-Blanket recipe: 1. Remove foil from creme egg(s) 2. Wrap in crescent roll dough 3. Bake in muffin tin 4. Diabetes #candyclub about 21 hours ago from web

GlennF RT @QuinnK: I'm crying, my throat feels like someone threw up in it, and OHMYGODISTHATBLOOD?! Never again, Cadbury Creme, NEVER again. #candyclub

zacross36 The Cadbury Orange Creme Eggs were originally designed for people who wanted their vomit to have a fresh citrus scent. #CandyClub

tmp2k RT @davidlidsky: Cadbury creme eggs benedict: Two creme eggs perched on a smores Pop Tart, with marshmallow fluff sauce & green apple licorice. #candyclub

After a half hour or so, candy club ended with the reminder of next week's candy: PEEPS

johnmoe I shall step aside and let the twitching subside. NEXT WEEK on #candyclub: PEEPS with guest star @PFTompkins

Perhaps there will bring up more discussion of the Mother-and-child-reunion omelet:

steph_s RT @Gelatobaby: Mother-and-child-reunion omelette: Three Cadbury Creme Eggs, scrambled with chopped Peeps chicks. #candyclub

And the potential to waste even more time than the previous #candyclub

GlennF Today's #candyclub has resulted in five million hours of lost productivity. Congratulations, @johnmoe!

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