Join Belly Up Cocktail Club and get steep discounts at bars in the Twin Cities

Tongue in Cheek's "When In Rome."

Tongue in Cheek's "When In Rome." Special to the Star Tribune

You know booze rarely ever drops below a certain commodified price, right?

You’re always gonna pay a premium for the stuff, just like coffee, gasoline, pork belly, and all of the other stuff that makes life worth living.

Until now. Some nice people put their heads together and came up with an idea: Get a bunch of people to pay a flat fee, and a bunch of bars to participate, and the people will drink at a lower price and the bars will sell more units. Makes sense, right?

So here’s how Belly Up Cocktail Club works. You pay an annual fee (there are three memberships, listed below), and then you’ll walk into any participating bar during the year and redeem your drink, which you’ll get at a steep discount. How much of a discount? Depends on your membership, but it works out to about a dollar a beer or five bucks a cocktail.

And of course a membership isn’t a membership without freebies, so they’re tossing in artist-designed glassware to make your at-home imbibing more stylish.

You'll use your smart phone to redeem your drink, so it will be as easy as walking into a participating bar, flashing your phone, and getting the drink. And happily, the list of bars is a cool one: Black Sheep, Heyday, Red Stag, Borough, Constantine, Tongue in Cheek, and a bunch of different breweries like 612 Brew, Insight Brewing, and more.

The memberships:

Artist-designed drinking vessels are a part of the deal if you want them.

Artist-designed drinking vessels are a part of the deal if you want them. Photo courtesy of Belly Up Facebook Page

Beer Belly: 25 craft beers for $25 at 25 restaurants and bars ($35 if you wan that sweet glassware). The restaurants in the beer program are featuring their entire craft list and people can choose any beer they want.

Booze Belly: 25 craft cocktails for $45 at 25 restaurants and bars ($55 if you want the glasses). At most of the venues drinkers can choose from the current cocktail menu. A couple are offering signature or featured cocktails. 

Best Belly: 25 craft cocktails at 25 restaurants and bars plus 25 free beers at 25 restaurants and bars for $65 (and twenty bucks more for both sets of glasses — hi balls and beer pints).

And yeah, they got other freebies and fun things that come with membership, like beer tastings, cocktail classes, happy hours, and giveaways.

Sold? Sign up here.