Joia's line of craft cocktails in cans is your favorite new booze-to-go

Discreet little slip-in-your-purse day-makers

Discreet little slip-in-your-purse day-makers Photo courtesy Joia

Talk about irony. When Bob Safford founded his premium soda company Joia, it was in response to his own sobriety. He missed the feeling of having something truly delicious to drink when everyone else was having a cocktail. Why should he be relegated to kid’s stuff just because he wasn’t partaking in the booze? 

What came next was a grownup answer to soda: orange with jasmine and nutmeg or grapefruit with chamomile.


But then wouldn’t you know it? Joia sodas became a cult favorite as a cocktail mixer. What better for the most grownup of all grownup drinks than a grownup soda? 


The next obvious move in the trajectory was Joia cocktails in a can. And here they are, in three flavors: Sparkling Greyhound, Sparkling Moscow Mule, and Sparkling Cosmopolitan.


And they're pretty good! Perhaps not quite as good as just mixing up a drink yourself with the juices, but then again, few things are as good as fresh. These babies would be great for ferreting away in your purse or bag if you need something quick and easy for the boat, the movie theater, the picnic basket, and all other occasions when you want a cocktail but mixing one isn't in the cards.  


They drink more or less like a fruity soda, with a wee bit more sugar than we would like, but if you’re the sort who likes cocktails made with La Croix or other fizzy fruity things then you will probably like these, too. 


They’re all made with “premium vodka” (no word on brand name) and Joia sodas, and  this is pretty cool — they’re created by local big-name cocktail dude Dan Oskey of Tattersall Distilling.


Interestingly, our favorite of the bunch was the Cosmopolitan — it had the best balance with cranberry, pear, and lime, and was not even as sweet as a Cosmo you might order in a restaurant. The Greyhound uses the grapefruit, chamomile, and cardamom flavor, and the Moscow Mule is ginger, apricot, and lime. 


And there's no high fructose corn syrup in these babies. They’re also touting the fact that they contain fewer calories than other alcoholic drinks, including Skinny Girl, a product marketed directly to ladies who booze but still, you know, wanna be skinny. A 9-ounce Joia spirit contains between 110 and 125 calories, and for my money I’d rather have one of these than a candy bar (or a Skinny Girl). 


Think of these like light and lively, on-the-go, purse-sized fun-makers and you’ll probably like them quite a bit, indeed. 


Joia Spirit Craft Cocktails are due to hit store shelves later this month, available where all your favorite premium boozy drinks are sold.