Johnny Rotten does dairy

"It's not about Great Britain, it's about great butter!" Somehow I'm just not convinced, John Lydon, and it doesn't take much to get me on board with butter. Did you forget to pay your taxes, or say, accidentally invest your dough with a guy named Bernie Madoff? Why are you trying to sell me butter, former Sex Pistols frontman, why?

Sometimes when celebrities turn into corporate hucksters its endearing and funny (like Willie Nelson's self-mocking H&R Block ad, or John McEnroe doing the same). Sometimes it's just ... distracting and uncomfortable (like Dylan shilling for Victoria's Secret, or Mikhail Gorbachev's print ads for Louis Vuitton).

Just, no:

Country Life is doing something right though. The ads have apparently boosted sales by a quarter. I bet you a million dollars those Dylan and Gorbachev ads did something similar.