John Randle's new downtown restaurant and 4 more new and coming soon restaurants and bars

Are you ready for some football? How about a burger? Randle's has both, now open on Nicollet Mall.

Are you ready for some football? How about a burger? Randle's has both, now open on Nicollet Mall. Photo courtesy of Randle's Facebook Page

The football great John Randle has attached his name to a restaurant concept geared, naturally, toward stadium and Super Bowl crowds. In the former Ling and Louie’s space in downtown Minneapolis, the restaurant retains some of its predecessor's “Asian-fusion” dishes like sushi and lettuce wraps. Otherwise, you'll find a familiar lineup of burgers, sandwiches, and of course a big ass steak.

The Nicollet Mall spot can probably count on packing in fans hoping for a glimpse of Randle himself. If football’s not your thing, know that you'll be quite literally surrounded by screens, but the place also lays claim to the only rooftop bar (aside from Brit’s) on Nicollet Mall. And they plan to expand this patio in the sky to meet summer drinking demand.

Now open
921 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis

The restaurant that wrote its business plan around better jobs for its employees opened Wednesday, February 22. Check them out to see how a restaurant operates when it has pledged to start all employees at $15 hourly with full benefits, plus room for growth. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the paneer bites with Indian spices and tomato chutney, chicken mole rojo, and black vinegar pork. 

Now open
319 First Ave. N., Minneapolis

Bad Waitress NE
If you liked the first Bad Waitress, Nicollet Avenue’s longtime vegetarian-friendly diner, you’ll probably love the new one in Northeast. Here, they're upgrading to a full bar and a separate bar menu at night, and longtime barkeep Johnny Michaels of La Belle Vie fame will be mixing up the drinks. There’s also a separate coffee bar, a lounge area, and a cleaner, more modern feel.

Now open
700 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis

It’s official: Sushi burritos are trending. And why not? It's sushi you can pick up with your hands and eat at a faster pace and more approachable price. A bunch of Yogurt Labs have left fro-yo in the dust in favor of turning their storefronts into SotaRols, where “sotaritos” wrapped in soy paper share the menu with sushi rolls, rice bowls, and ramen.

And now Dinkytown is getting a taste. Sometime in April, you'll be able to grab a “burrigato," not exactly a sushi burrito, but a burrito that incorporates Asian-style ingredients like Japanese curry, a red-orange Thai curry, garlic black pepper pork stir fry, and a vegetarian papaya salad with coconut rice, reports the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal. We imagine there will be plenty of belly fortification for drunken college students on the move.

Opens in April
314 15th Ave. SE, Minneapolis

Roti Modern Mediterranean
How many more fast-casual concepts can our city support? Well, plenty more, it seems, because they show no signs of abating. Now Roti Modern Mediterranean is coming to the downtown area, with about exactly what you’d expect: wraps, salad bowls, rice plates (don’t call it a bowl!), and somewhat refreshingly, pita sandwiches using familiar Mediterranean ingredients like falafel, couscous, hummus, grilled meats, and vegetarian-friendly preparations.

Coming to the Crystal Court in the IDS Center in April
80 S. 8th St., Minneapolis