Joel Stein gives a shout out to our chocolate-covered bacon

Joel Stein gives a shout out to our chocolate-covered bacon

Time magazine's Joel Stein traces the bacon-dessert trend from Fat Duck chef Heston Blumenthal's 2006 bacon-and-egg ice cream to last year's bacon-covered chocolate at the Minnesota State Fair.Wisconsin's famous Nueske's bacon gets a plug in the accompanying video, though Stein notes that the sweet meat trend has started to branch out beyond bacon:

José Andrés of Washington's Minibar and Los Angeles' Bazaar serves foie gras surrounded by cotton candy. Ramon Perez, the pastry chef at L.A.'s Sona, added shrimp to his salted caramels for a sweet brininess--and a fear-factor thrill. Perez, who also serves apple lasagna with crispy bacon, is delighted by the mainstreaming of meat for dessert. "It means diners are trying to change their whole perception of food," he says. Or it just means we've learned to add sugar to everything.

Can anyone recommend some good sweet-meat desserts locally? I haven't seen anything recently, but perhaps some of my favorite pastry chefs at LBV, Cosmos, or Forepaugh's will hop on the trend...

**Joel, if you've got yourself on Google alert, What's up?

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