Jimmy John's hates tattoos (but not Jimmy John's tattoos)


If your delivery man looks especially limp and bedraggled when he arrives with your Ultimate Porker on 7-grain, it might be because he's required to navigate the sweltering summer soup in pants and long sleeves.

Jimmy John's, the Champaign, Illinois-based sandwich chain, has long had a policy requiring employees to cover up their tattoos on the job. Until recently the policy hadn't been very tightly enforced, but a series of communiques from corporate headquarters has franchise managers tightening up on visible ink.

Kevin Sanders, the manager at the Jimmy John's on Hennepin and 6th, says the crackdown affects a lot of his employees. "We've got a lot of people with tattoos," he says.

Strangely enough, the chain seems perfectly happy to capitalize on tattoos when it serves their purposes. When members of the extreme metal band Born of Osiris recently made the totally-grown-up-and-in-no-way-laughable decision to get the Jimmy John's logo etched into their flesh, the corporation put up pictures on its blog.

Which raises the question: What if Jimmy John's employees get Jimmy John's tattoos?

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