Jimmy John's and the mystery tweet

This image started circulating the internet.

This image started circulating the internet.

This image file started circulating the Internet this morning. Twitter user @WardCrap linked to the image when he sent the following tweet:

Jimmy Johns unconcerned with stabbing. Stabbings harsh their buzz, man:

A few minutes earlier, @WardCrap sent this tweet:

@jimmyjohns Annnnd why don't you care about this? Because the man wasn't poisoned by Alfalfa Sprouts instead?

To which Jimmy John's responded:

@WardCrap I don't have any idea what you're talking about man?
@WardCrap That didn't come from me, sorry!

Two Jimmy John's corporate spokespeople denied that the company sent or deleted the original tweet. But Chris Ward, who tweets under @WardCrap, says the image is a screen shot that he snapped of the exchange and made the following comment:



"It was in my feed," Ward says. "Wouldn't let me retweet it. So I took a picture and retweeted it, but hasn't gotten any traction @wardcrap on Twitter yet. Or on Reddit. This is an example of how not to run your corporate Twitter page."