Jimmy Fallon Heckles Minneapolis's Upcoming Vegan Butcher Shop

Jimmy Fallon as he appears on the Herbivorous Butcher Facebook Page

Jimmy Fallon as he appears on the Herbivorous Butcher Facebook Page

Let's face it: The phrase "vegan butcher shop" is a bit of an oxymoron, and the brother and sister team behind the successful Kickstarter campaign for the Herbivorous Butcher are sitting ducks for the inevitable mockery -- some lighthearted, some not -- of their endeavor.

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While some are genuinely flummoxed about what, exactly, vegans are going to be butchering, others just love it for the jokes. Jimmy Fallon took advantage of the low-hanging fruit in his Tonight Show monologue Tuesday when he said:

"I read about a brother and sister in Minneapolis who are opening the world's first vegan butcher shop. Yeah, at the butcher they promise to kill all the flavor, but in a humane way. If you boil it long enough, there's no flavor. Tastes like nothing."

The Herbivorous Butcher siblings responded on their Facebook page by challenging Fallon to an on-air taste test. Fallon has not yet responded, but no matter -- you, dear readers, can take up that challenge this Sunday, when the duo rolls out their Jimmy Fallon Breakfast Sausage at the Linden Hills Farmers Market.

"It's going to have crazy flavor, just poppin'," said Kale Walch. "Just a lot of extra savory mouth-feel that Jimmy loves in his sausages."

Fans of the concept either jumped to the duo's defense, with the consensus that vegans are always being ganged up on, or stated the obvious: Any media attention is good attention, and national TV attention is better.

"I love it. It's just an honor to be on the friggin' Tonight Show," says Walch. "We were just in the farmers market a few months ago and nobody even knew who we were."

He credits the passion of customers and friends (and of course the Kickstarter) for all their notoriety.

"People just want to have a steak that they can believe in."

Since the beginning, the two have insisted that their creations can convert any meat lover. Judge for yourself in April of next year when they open their storefront at 1032 Third Ave. in northeast Minneapolis.

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