Jessica Chapman heads Westword

Jessica Chapman heads Westword

If you've been missing Jessica Chapman's byline these past few weeks (we have!) it's because the Hot Dish blogger extraordinaire recently moved to Denver and is now writing for our sister paper, Westword. If you want to see what she's been up to, check out Westword's food blog, Cafe Society, where Chapman can enlighten you on all things Denver dining, including an explanation of the Pueblo slopper. In honor of her contributions to Hot Dish, we'll leave you with this list of a few of our favorite Jessica Chapman blog posts:

Top 5: Favorite Jessica Chapman Top 5 Blog Posts
5. Top 5: Most Lowbrow Valentine's Day Dinners
4. Top 5: Most Memorable Food/Drink Commercials of the Decade
3. Top 5: Best Local Restaurant Names
2. Top 5: Worst Halloween Candies Ever
1. Top 5: Most Unpronounceable Menu Items

Thanks, Jessica!

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