Jellybean & Julia's: a first look at the Anoka-area food truck

A new truck just rolled through town
A new truck just rolled through town

The truck may hail from Anoka, but we were able to get a taste when it came to the metro area and parked outside of Fulton Brewery. While we chatted with the owners of the Jellybean & Julia's truck they were enthusiastic about returning to the downtown area. Permits permitting, we'll get to see them again soon. So who are Jellybean and Julia?

The truck is owned and run by Cory Swap (the chef) and wife Koli Fyten-Swap, canner extraordinaire. The truck is named for their daughters; it's their middle names. The unconventional Jellybean middle name was inspired by the Tom Robbins book, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

On the truck they are cooking up comfort foods like burgers, pulled pork, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and freshly made French fries. All items are tasty enough on their own, but what separates Jellybean & Julia's from the pack is their condiments. Koli makes everything except the ketchup and mustard from scratch.

Taste the love
Taste the love

The pickles are perfectly sour, crunchy, and juicy. We tried the $4 hamburger slider augmented with cream cheese and strawberry habanero jam. The cheese melted into a soft cream that mixed with the tart, sweet heat, which when added to the peppery seasoned ground beef was flavor alchemy.

The bacon jam was spread with wild abandon on the $4 grilled cheese with sweet caramelized onion. Each bite was packed with gooey, salty, smoke flavor. The jam so delighted one diner that he went back to the truck for another side, unwilling to part with its indulgent richness.

Personalized burger with cream cheese; strawberry and habanero jam
Personalized burger with cream cheese; strawberry and habanero jam

The fun of ordering from this truck is the revolving menu of condiments and the endless possibilities for personalized fried decadence for the addition of a dollar or two.

For the time being, Jellybean & Julia's will stick to Anoka for service, but we hope to see this truck roll through the city again.

Jellybean & Julia's

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